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Global Pandemic | How To Save Your Business

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No doubt everyone has been affected by the latest global pandemic of COVID-19 worldwide. Schools have closed for the remaining school year, and businesses have shut their doors after years of hard work. What about those businesses that are still floating above water? Is there anything that can be done to help them during this pandemic? 

KC Web Designz has come up with 3 things that can assist in saving your business. We are sure that these will assist in keeping your business functional during these troublesome times. 

Let’s get started!

1. Have An Online Presence (Website, Facebook Shop, Instagram Store, Shopify)

We can’t stress this enough, that having a website or some means of online presence is VITAL in keeping your business alive. Unfortunately, due to not having an online presence, some businesses have already closed their doors. During this time of social distancing and shelter-in-place rules, people are not going into businesses, as they are closed for the time being. How else will your business earn income if people are not able to come directly into your store? 

Let’s take a look at two major reasons why having a website can be very important for your business and then we will break it down in more detail. Marketing Strategy & Sales.

Marketing Strategy - When you have a website you give your consumers a place to go when they either have more questions or would like to purchase a product. While they can find you on social media, understandably your social accounts will not have detailed information as your business website would have. You also have a chance to rank your website on the major search engines with proper SEO strategies. If you use email marketing with your business, what better place to send those consumers than to your business website? 

Your website is “home base” when it comes to your marketing. No one likes a company that just takes from their consumers. What can you give back? If you can provide even a simple post on “how to do this” or “simple ways you can..”, whatever the case may be, what better place to do that than a blog on your own website? Even if you don’t have the time to blog, there are so many other avenues such as podcasts and image galleries. 

Sales - As mentioned before, you open to the door to so much more revenue for your business. Instead of marketing to just those in your area or those who may already know about you, you now have a much bigger audience. By implementing proper SEO strategies, you can rank your website to be seen on page 1 of Google. Who wouldn’t want to rank on page 1? 

The next time the world is in a panic and everyone is on lockdown, you can remain calm knowing that your business is functional despite it having to close its physical doors. 

Another thing to consider is that if your business does not have a plan in which all employees work from home, now is the time to make one. Of course, we would like to just snap our fingers and make this coronavirus disappear but realistically speaking, we know that’s not going to happen. We could very well see it die down, but there will surely be another spurt of cases globally. Knowing this, it’s important for businesses to prepare now so that if and when it does happen, they will be better prepared.

2. Stay Connected With Your Audience or Your Consumers

Staying connected with your audience is just as important as having a website. Think about it for a minute. Let’s say you don’t currently have a website but you do have social media. A potential prospect comes to your social account to see if you're still in business during this pandemic. If you haven’t posted any updating news or info on your business then that person could very well believe that you have shut your ‘online’ doors as well as your physical doors. You just lost out on a sale because of your lack of social presence.

Stay updating your accounts and informing others of what’s going on. Even if you give a brief overview of what others can do to remain safe in these troubling times. This shows that your business is not only active, but they also care as well. If email marketing is your thing then send out an email blast to your current customers letting them know you are still in business. 

We’ve all received countless emails thus far about COVID-19 from many different businesses and after awhile it can definitely seem annoying. The plus side is that we KNOW they are in business because we have seen emails from them. Even if they are not in business they are at least communicating and letting others know the latest update on when they may open their doors again.

We’ve all heard it before, communication is key, the worst thing is to not hear from someone at all.

3. If Possible, Take Advantage of Government Assitance for Businesses

There is so much funding that people tend to lose out on simply because they don’t know about it. By now we have all heard of the stimulus checks that will be sent out based on your household income. But what about funding for your business? 

If you are at home, this is the perfect time to really read and research these loans and funding options to see if they will be of any benefit to your business. The key is to research funding options. If there is any fine print then be sure to read that as well. The last thing you want to do is make it 10x harder to get out of a hole once all this is complete.

If you have any business insurance policies that cover interruption in business, be sure to contact your insurance company to understand if you can use those benefits during the COVID-19 situation. If you do not have any insurance, then maybe this is the time to see what options are available to you for the future so that you are better prepared.

Just as communication is key, preparation is key also.

To summarize, you first need an online presence, preferably a website. Then you need to make sure you are staying active and staying connected with your audience. Finally, if possible you want to make sure you study the government funding that’s available during this time to see if it would be of any benefit for your business.

If you have any questions about anything or would like some assistance with any of the above steps then please feel free to reach out to us.

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